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Mobile Discos Essex

Mobile Disco Price is usually the first thing people want to know and sometimes people just want a cheap Mobile disco in Essex, so this is a very popular web page. However there are many factors to consider and its not easy to give a set price which is also the best price. Mobile Discos that do include set charges can only do so by being sure to over charge. Even if the price seems cheap, a cheap Mobile Discos is not often cheerful and rarely worth the cost. However its also not the case that the most expensive Disco is the best. Pro Mobile Disco always aims to provide the best DJ service at the lowest price.

That said as you have taken the trouble to read this far, as rough guide our mobile disco hire prices and what it may cost then for a normal 4 hour party rates range from about

£200 - £450 and upwards.

However there are discount deals available for, Schools, Clubs and return bookings etc and so some lower rates are also available. We always give the best Disco price possible and at certain times of the year other discounts may apply.

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DJ Hire Rates

The reason for the difference in prices is that every client will want something different. Its just like booking a holiday some dates and places are a lot more expensive than others. Two weeks flying first class to Florida is going to cost more money than a weekend in Blackpool. Some clients will want a custom designed show with unique requirements for instance best quality sound system, lazar lighting or even a Saturday night fever style dance floor etc. Other clients just want a very basic disco set up with a good party DJ and at the the cheapest price. This is why we never do email only quotes. To give the best possible quote for a disco, each party needs to be priced individually. And the price will depend on what you want, how long the party will be for, time of year, logistical difficulties, special requirements you may have, etc. Only by doing this can we discover your exact requirements and give you the best mobile disco at a great rate. We do not charge for things you do not need or do not want. If you are working with a tight budget then midweek and Friday bookings are always cheaper than the ever popular peak time Saturday spot. We can often tailor our shows to ensure you get the professional DJ service you need, and your party is remembered as the brilliant celebration it should be.


When you consider the overall cost of organising a party it should be remembered. A Party DJ, able to read the crowd and play the right mix of music to suit all everyone will make the event, hiring the right DJ represents great value for money. Hiring a professional Mobile Disco and experienced party DJ is always far more important than paying that bit extra to make sure the table linen matches the flower arrangements.

Pro Mobile Disco have great prices for Mobile Discos in Essex. We provide a cheap mobile discos in Essex when compared with other high priced discos. Mobile discos are the economical entertainment solution for all kinds of parties contact us for a great Disco deal on DJ hire in Essex.

Click mobile disco hire prices explained For more info on this subject or contact us direct for a great Mobile Disco in Essex and get great rates for Essex DJ Hire.

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